Painter/Community Artist

Suellen uses acrylic paint and large canvas to capture a glimpse of elusive energy of the connection between Spirit, Humanity and Earth. The art is often textured, vibrant colours with depictions of movement. The artists' techniques includes applying paint and removIng it several times to cast shadows, and create unpredicted remaining forms.Suellen's art always leaves room for the unknown to have a presence.

Suellen is a community artist. She has cofounded Walkerville Artists' Co-op gallery in Windsor. The gallery is a community building cooperative, that serves the community by making art accessible to show, create and participate in. She has designed and facilitated many community art workshops.

The last two years she has been facilitating a community art project, utilizing an Intuitive Energy  workshop she created. Also she has been invited by First Nation Elder's to paint spirit portraits of the participants, which includes Me,You & Us a community created through friendship,respect and understanding.